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KFE TLA Resources

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This page provides links for TLA including reference materials from the TLA Conferences delivered by KFE each year. The KFETLAC is now a well established event and in recent years has featured keynotes and presentations from Baroness Susan Greenfield CBE, Professor Dylan Wiliam, Matt Bromley, Geoff Petty, Tony Davis, Stefanie Wilkinson, Richard Beynon of Ofsted, AoC, DfE, ETF, Good Things Foundation, The Education People, NCFE, C&G, Reflect Digital, the Kent Children's Safeguarding Multi-Agency Partnership and more...

Thank you to all our guests and workshops leads that make the TLAC events special and to all those that attend and participate so actively. Special thanks to the staff and students that supported previous event logistics and to Digital Leaders for their support of our 2021 and 2022 virtual events. #KFETLAC

TLAC Questionnaire
TLAC Presentations

KFE TLAC 2019-21 Presentations & Materials

The presentations and materials posted here are intended for the use and reference by KFE college staff and conference delegates. Some slide sets / presentations may be available for a limited time only post event due to intellectual property rights and agreed terms of use. If an item ceases to be available please contact KFE for more information. Content may be subject to copyright.

Richard Beynon HMI
Intro / Simon Cook & Matt Bromley
Richard Beynon HMI
TLA Network Part 2
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