KFE Mini CPD Conference 1
01 Dec, 09:00
KFE Mini CPD Conference 1
01 Dec, 09:00

KFE Events

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KFE participates in or undertakes various events during each academic year. This page provides details of events planned and delivered by KFE as part of our annual plan. The page includes basic information about each event and relevant links. Where appropriate an event registration portal is also provided.


Anyone registering for a KFE event is kindly asked to follow any instructions provided on this page or in separate event communications. When using the registration forms please ensure all required fields are completed. If information is incomplete it may cause a registration to be unsuccessful. Initial registration will trigger a notification email. There may be a validation period before full event confirmation and details are forwarded. Any queries about events can be made via kentfurthereducation.

KFE TLA/CPD Mini Conference 1 2021 - 1st December 2021

KFE is pleased to confirm the first of its series of planned mini-conferences for the 2021/22 academic year. The intention is to deliver up to 3 face to face mini conferences on key themes mainly related to teaching, learning and assessment. 

KFEMiniCon1 - Register Now (Closes 5pm, 23rd November 2021)


KFE Mini Staff CDP Conference 1 - Mental Health / Wellbeing / Safeguarding & Prevent


The registration for this event will open - 14th October 2021 at www.kentfurthereducation.org

The workshop numbers are limited for these sessions to ensure more in-depth professional exchange, so early registration is recommended.


This will be held at: MidKent College - Maidstone Campus - 9am - 2pm - 1st December 2021

This conference is face to face* with post workshop networking lunch. The conference is free to all KFE partner college staff that register. To avoid session clashes please use the conference session matrix here .


*Note: the Mental Health workshop 1a is semi-virtual.


Overall Conference Aims:


All sessions are aimed at supporting and informing academic teaching and support staff around the issues in the strand subjects. The sessions may also be helpful to some support service staff also working in these strand subject areas.

The aim is to:

  • Help build confidence in our staff working primarily in teaching, learning and assessment roles

  • Improve how each college, and collectively how our KFE colleges provide operational support / whole college approaches for the strand subjects

  • Materially improve services to our learners (and staff where applicable)

  • Enable a more intensive CPD conference with face to face professional networking time built in

  • Support an knowledge exchange culture across the colleges’ professional staff teams working in TLA and related areas impacting on learner outcomes.


The provisional programme is as follows:


1. 9-9:30am - Arrivals (Tea & Coffee / water / juices / pastry)

2. 9:30am - Workshop Strands Commence

3. 10:45-11:30am - Break Window (Tea & Coffee / water)

4. 1pm - Workshop Strands Close

5. 1-2pm - Networking Lunch (Light Lunch - Take-away bag options)


Workshop Strands 1-3



1a) Introduction to Adolescent Mental Health - Delivered by Young Minds - (9:30am to 1pm including break)

This foundation level course will help participants understand the processes involved in adolescence and how the transition from childhood to adulthood can impact the emotional wellbeing of young people.*


During this course participants will:

- Develop a shared understanding of mental health in the context of adolescence

- Explore the developmental processes and relational shifts that take place during adolescence

- Identify ways of supporting young people to navigate the challenges they face

- Consider how trusted adults can promote positive mental health and model ways to support wellbeing


Workshop places = 21 (7 per college initially reserved up to 15 November when it will be opened up to first come first served)


*Note this workshop is semi-virtual as it will be delivered on line by Young Minds' specialist trainers. This is to maximise the established training package for delegates and interaction for individuals that participate. We are describing this as semi-virtual because whilst the delivery is on-line delegates may be able to choose to still physically attend the conference and link to it from the MKC venue, which will allow them to enjoy the other aspects of the day including the arrivals and lunch networking.


1b) Introduction to and Outline of Kooth Services - Delivered by Kooth - (9:30am to 10:30am)

During this 1 hour workshop delegates will receive an introduction to:

- The service offered by Kooth to support mental health

- Their young people referral services

- A tour of the Kooth site and services

- Discuss with Kooth's representative how your college might engage and work with Kooth to support learner referrals


Workshop places = 21 (7 per college. Reserved up to 15 November when it will be opened up to first come first served)


Strand 2 - WELL-BEING

Enhancing Well-being awareness and college approaches - Delivered by TEP - (9:30am to 1pm in three 1 hour approx thematic workshops)

During this workshop delegates will be able to participate in a set of 1, 2 or all 3 sessions that are a development of those delivered on-line at TLAC21.


2a) - Strategies to effectively measure and monitor student wellbeing in colleges

2b) - Building meaningful wellbeing programmes to support colleges staff wellbeing

2c) - Developing a whole college approach for mental health and wellbeing


Workshop places = 21 (7 per college per individual workshop. Reserved up to 15 November when it will be opened up to first come first served)



3) Issues impacting on Prevent (and related Safeguarding) - Delivered by DfE - (10:45am approx TBC)

During this workshop colleagues will hear the latest information and developments and related advice from the DfE’s Alamgir Sheriyar on Prevent. Issues of focus expected to be:

- Incels

- Radicalisation and behavioural challenges most relevant to Kent and Medway


Workshop places = 24 (8 per college for this single workshop session).


Registration Portal:


Please complete all requested fields in the registration process using the site's portal. Pay special attention to choosing your sessions if you plan to attend more than one Strand or workshop to avoid clashes. For example if you select 1a Mental Health - Young Minds, you will not be able to participate in another strand/workshop. You may indicate a reserve. All registrations are on an alloted cohort per college organisation (not campus) on a first come first served basis and subsequent validation check with each college.


Note: Covid safe risk assessment and mitigating protocols will be applied to this event.

Date for the Diary: The KFE TLAC22 will be on the morning of 9th February 2022 as a virtual event.


Note this is a free conference for KFE college staff and invited guests only. 

All registrations will be verified before event joining information is confirmed to delegates.


Session Matrix

Note: This matrix is a guide and actual session times may vary or be subject to change.
  • KFE Mini CPD Conference 1
    Wed, 01 Dec
    KFEMiniCon1 is our first f2f conference since the Covid pandemic and is focused on teaching, learning and assessment and related CPD. It takes place on 1st Dec 2021 at MKC Maidstone Campus. Focus is Mental Health / Wellbeing & Prevent strands.

KFE TLA Conference TLAC22 - 9th February 2022

Coming soon - details for TLAC22! 

The 2022 TLA conference will be a virtual event using the Remo platform as per 2021 to ensure the widest engagement possible across our colleges. The conference will focus on information sessions and be less workshop based. All of the conference will be delivered through Remo with no breakout sessions using other platforms to ensure all delegates enjoy the event in one place.

Date for the diary: TLAC 22 - 9am - 2pm - 9th February 2022.