KFE Skills Competition 2021 #KFE4Skills


KFE4Skills 2021 is now being planned as a single day event but in a hybrid format.  Due to Covid-19, unlike the 2019 and 2020 inter-college competitions, it will be delivered via a blended format approach linking competing colleges via MS Teams, supported centrally by the REMO event platform.

This page will be updated with more information and new specs for each industry round through to February 2021. Make a diary date now for KFE4Skills21 - Friday, 5th March 2021.


Revised qualifying and registration processes were confirmed in December 2020. Updated online/hybrid event rules for 2021 are available on this page via the buttons to the right. As always finalists will be supported in participating in the event despite the blended virtual format and all competitors will still get the chance to test themselves against the abilities and skills of other students from KFE colleges and gain a chance to win gold, silver or bronze! There will also be a new finalists medal for all runner up competitors.

This page will be updated progressively, so please keep an eye on our social media streams, including the Twitter feed @Kentfurthered and information from staff at each college. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!

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At KFE4Skills, everyone gains a competition certificate and the finalists can even go forward to be selected to enter the regional and national World Skills UK competitions as a representative of one of Kent Further Education (KFE) colleges. It's a great way to get real exciting experience, improve that CV and get ahead of the rest in gaining a really great job and career in your field. Watch this page and our social media stream @kentfurthered for more information during the year...

Especial thanks to key sponsors City & Guilds for sponsoring our 2019 and 2020 events and to our media partner the KM Group. Thanks also to sponsors and judges from the organisations detailed in our event programme for 2020. KFE4Skills21 will also feature sponsor support and external judging. New sponsors and judges are always welcome and get in touch via our contact page.


KFE4Skills Medal Summaries #KFE4Skills 2020 & 2019

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KFE4Skills 2019 and 2020 were a great success! KFE thanks all the colleges and competitors for making these such great days! Over 200 students took part in over 25 industry competitions to receive gold, silver and bronze medals across the categories. 

Thanks also to all the staff, student helpers, models, judges, sponsor judges, our key sponsor City & Guilds and media partner KM Media Group for making KFE4Skills such a fantastic event.


An especial thanks to Canterbury College and MidKent College Medway Campus and to their staff teams for supporting KFE in 2019 and 2020 respectively with event organisation and delivery of the competition rounds.

Summary medal tables are now available via the button links on this page. Once again congratulations to all the medalists and finalists.


Industry Competition Guidance & Specifications - World Skills UK

KFE4Skills is intended to support and enable students to better prepare for official WSUK qualification events. As such the KFE competition is a stepping stone to the regional heats. However, each college is still responsible for entering its own students. KFE4Skills finalists are not guaranteed entry to WSUK regional heats and students' home colleges may also enter students for WSUK, that have not been through the KFE4Skills qualification and final event processes. Click here for the latest WSUK Specs and Guidance.


KFE4Skills Live - Competition Specifications 2021

The following buttons provide the KFE4Skills competition specifications for the 2021 competition. Specifications for 2021 industry competitions are now being drafted and as they are added the buttons below will appear orange when draft and final versions dark greenKFE reserves the right to change and amend specifications up to the date of the competitions. Such amendments will be to ensure the specs are functional and deliverable on the day and / or to meet any health and safety or other requirements identified, including Covid-19 safe requirements. Please check back regularly!

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